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Mobile platform for deployment of HMA standardised services into different types of mobile system environments
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The main objective of the SmartHMA project is to develop and validate an open source operational platform architecture which implements a set of HMA standards in native Android client for access to EO Ground Segment data and services.

The aim of the project is the development of a mobile platform for discovery and distribution of existing EO data and services and those that will be introduced in the near future, in the form that will be acceptable by mobile devices (mainly tablets) and entirely based on OGC and HMA specifications. Implementation will be focused on accessing the ESA Fedeo environment according to changing user needs associated with new user behaviours and growing market of mobile devices. SmartHMA in form of open source software allows complementing the ESA RSS system environment and ESA Fedeo platform (

Please visit project wiki pages for more information:

SmartHMA web page

SmartHMA User Manual can be downloaded from here:

Youtube channel with most important functionalities presented in online videos:

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