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Technology demo in the form of a game illustrating the use of Waxosuit and dECS Cloud
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Stack Trader

Stack Trader is a technology demonstration of Waxosuit. It utilizes a distributed Entity-Component-System engine called dECS Cloud, which is also written in WebAssembly for hosting in Waxosuit.

The Game

Players enter the universe with nothing but a ship and dreams of becoming rich. By seeking out rare minerals from asteroids and other stellar objects, you can mine them. By processing what you mine, you can make stacks, which you can then sell at a nearby star port. With your newfound riches, you can then explore further into space, discovering and harvesting new resources.

How to run StackTrader

There is a simple demo available locally so you can see all of the moving parts in action. You will need to have a DockerHub account as well as an installation of Docker and the docker-compose utility.

Once you have that ready, navigate to the base directory of this repository and run docker-compose -f testing/compose/stack-trader.yml up to pull all required images for dECS Cloud and StackTrader and run the game. Navigate to localhost in your browser to view the game.

To stop the game you can use CTRL+C to stop the process, and for cleanup you can run docker-compose -f testing/compose/stack-trader.yml down; docker-compose -f testing/compose/stack-trader.yml kill.

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