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This repository has been archived by the owner on Jun 24, 2022. It is now read-only.


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WebAssembly Studio

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This repository contains the (defunct) WebAssembly Studio website source code.

Running your own local copy of the website

To run a local copy, you will need to install node.js and webpack on your computer, then run the following commands:

npm install

To build WebAssembly Studio whenever a file changes run:

npm run build-watch

To start a dev web server run:

npm run dev-server

Before submitting a pull request run:

npm test


Please get familiar with the contributing guide.

Any doubts or questions? You can always find us on slack at

Need a slack invite?


This project depends on several excellent libraries and tools:

  • Monaco Editor is used for rich text editing, tree views and context menus.

  • WebAssembly Binary Toolkit is used to assemble and disassemble .wasm files.

  • Binaryen is used to validate and optimize .wasm files.

  • Clang Format is used to format C/C++ files.

  • Cassowary.js is used to make split panes work.

  • Showdown is used to automatically preview .md files.

  • Capstone.js is used to disassemble x86 code.

  • LLVM, Rust, Emscripten running server side.

  • And of course: React, WebPack, TypeScript and TSLint.