MailCore is a Cocoa framework built to ease the pain of supporting the IMAP and SMTP protocols. With MailCore you can download e-mail, create folders, delete folders, rename folders, send e-mail and etc.
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This is a specialized version of MailCore to interact with Gmail and Gmail alone, so don't try to use this on other IMAP servers :-). It fixes stuff I need, if its helpful for you, all the better. Improvements:

- Support for XOAUTH based login
- Support for the XLIST command for determining localized folders name
- Support for Gmail X-GM-THRID

See for docs on above features.

How to get this thing linked to your iOS project. This might not be the best way around, but it works for me.

- Add this repository as a git submodule
- Download the precompiled iOS libraries for LibCrypto, OpenSSL, LibSasl and LibCurl from
- Save the downloaded files somewhere in your projects source-code repository

My source tree now looks like this:

/ipad <- my $SRCROOT
/lib <- contains files downloaded from
/MailCore <- this git repository added as a submodule

- Add the MailCore project to your root iOS project
- Additionally add the MailCore project as a dependency on your build target in the target dependencies area on the build phases tab. 
- Also add libiconv.dylib and libmailcore.a in the "Link binaries with Libraries" section.
- On the Build Settings tab find the "library search paths" settings and add the path to the location for the downloaded libraries. For example I added "$(SRCROOT)/../lib/iPhoneOS-V7-4.3/lib" (including quotes) to build for the iOS device
- Select your project (not the target) and find the "other linker flags" settings
- Add the following values -lcrypto -lssl -lsasl2 -lcurl

- Select the libetpan project (expand the MailCore project to see it)
- Select the static libetpan phone target
- Make sure that the link binaries with assembly contains the following: libcrypto.dylib libcurl.dylib libexpat.dylib libiconv.dylib libsasl2.dylib libssl.dylib
- If not you can find these libraries under the "libetpan.xoceproj/External Frameworks and Libraries" folder or under the system frameworks folder (which is the case with libiconv.dylib)
- Go to the build settings tab and find the "header search paths" settings, add the value "$(SRCROOT)/../../../lib/iPhoneOS-V7-4.3/include" (inluding quotes), yours might need to look a bit different depending on the location where you saved the ios-static-libs)

This should more or less get you going. It took me a while to figure out and hopefully I haven't left anything out of these steps :-)

Note: you might need to fix the MailCore and LibEtpan architecture selections if you start getting compiler errors