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WLA Curriculum


(GoogleDoc Links and PDF Links are the same content but in different file formats. GoogleDocs are provided and made accessible for screen readers and similar tools; PDF files are not yet optimized for these tools.)


Uploading Documents

  • For the example, we are using this document, which is named WLAEnglishLanguageArtsCourseMap
  • Download the document from Google docs as .HTML and .PDF.
  • Create a course inside the courses folder.
    • Example: mkdir -p courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI
  • Move the HTML files and PDF file into that course folder
    • Example:
      • Move PDF: mv ~/Downloads/WLAEnglishLanguageArtsCourseMap.pdf courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI
      • Rename PDF mv courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI/WLAEnglishLanguageArtsCourseMap.pdf courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI/index.pdf
      • Move HTML: mv ~/Downloads/WLAEnglishLanguageArtsCourseMap/* courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI
      • Renamed HTML: mv courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI/WLAEnglishLanguageArtsCourseMap.html courses/EnglishLanguageArtsI/index.html


Creative Common License

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