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WashingtonCoin - WASH

  • In honor of George Washington

WashingtonCoin is an X11 PoW/PoS coin.

  • X11 hash algorithm
  • The coin will be PoW/PoS mixed initially. After 45 days, the coin will be a pure PoS coin.
  • PoW/PoS block targets independently.
  • 3 transaction confirmations
  • 60 minted block confirmations
  • Total coins will be 170 millions.
  • PoS will be generated on a daily basis.
  • 10% premine for bounties, fund servers/equipments and dev expenses.

PoW details:

  • 60 sec PoW block target time
  • difficulty retarget each block for PoW
  • Initial payout will be between 512 to 1024 coins per block, determined randomly.
  • Every day there will be a super block with 100X normal payment (can be as high as 102,400 coins)
  • Superblock is true randomness, that is, no super mining power can predict and grab it.
  • block payout will be halved every 15 days
  • PoW will be shut down after 45 days.
  • Total PoW coins minable will be around 48 millions (no precise number can be given due to the random nature of the coin).

PoS details:

  • 60 sec PoS block time
  • diff retarget each block for PoS
  • minimum hold for PoS: 24 hours
  • maximum hold for PoS: 30 days
  • Variable PoS annual payout rate:
    • 1st year: 80%
    • 2nd year: 40%
    • 3rd year: 20%
    • 4th year: 10%
    • and subsequent years: 5%

Ports: connection: 15150 RPC: 15151

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