Provides the multi-network functionality in WordPress used at Washington State University.
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WSUWP Multiple Networks

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Provides the multi-network functionality in WordPress used at Washington State University.


WSUWP Multiple Networks adds a basic user interface for managing multiple networks in WordPress multisite.

For best results, this plugin should be added as a must-use plugin using a process similar to WSU's Load MU Plugins. The plugin can be installed as a standard plugin through the dashboard, though will require manual activation on every new network for all features to work as expected.

What this plugin provides

  • Add New Network screen used to add networks to the wp_site table.
  • All Networks screen to show existing networks.
  • My Networks screen on site dashboards.
  • Replacement Add New Site screen allowing the entry of arbitrary domains and paths and eliminating the need for domain mapping.
  • A My Networks menu with sub-My Sites menus for each network.
  • Option in Edit Site to move sites between networks.
  • Ability to globally activate plugins across all networks.
  • Global administrators, network administrators, and site administrators treated separately.
  • Removes need for confirmation/activation links when adding new users to sites.


All contributions are welcome. In its current state, the plugin is over-opinionated in some places and less opinionated than it should be in others. If you'd like to help clarify that or have a question, please open an issue with your thoughts.


These are the best places to help:

  • Translation support is effectively missing.
  • A new "My Networks" and "My Sites" interface via REST API would be refreshing.
  • There are likely several bugs awaiting that we haven't found yet. :)