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This is a javascript simulator of the DCPU-16 CPU as released by Notch in early April 2012. [The full spec can be found here.] ( I tried to fully test the CPU. You can find the tests in: tests.html The keyboard buffer spec is taken from this example code released by Notch The screen spec is taken from this example released by Notch. Thanks to evilpie, the code from his [javascript disassembler] (") I use in some places.

Known issues:

  • JSR not implemented yet
  • The online assemblers assemble this line "set a, 1" into 8401, that doesn't work right yet, instead use: 7c01 0001

What is DCPU-16?

Recently Notch (of Minecraft fame) anounced his new game: 0x10c. It is a space game. In this game you control your ship via a computer. This computer is the dcpu-16 and is fully programmable. Notch released the spec and a lot of tools have been released in the days after. This is one such a tool. Primarly created for the fun