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An interactive android application to understand data structures (Stack and Queue)

  1. Name : DataStructure

  2. Remote center ID : 1034

  3. College / Institute Name : M. E. S. IMCC

  4. City, State, Pin Code : Pune, Maharashtra 411038

  5. Name of the Student: Wasim Chandu Beniwale, Mahesh narendraSingh Girase

  6. About : Now a days understanding DATA STRUCTURES / ALGORTHM is a cardinal task as every Operating System (Android, iOS or Windows) uses Data structures to perform their internal operations. This App will help teachers and students to understand data structure, its implementations and working. This app shows GRAPHICAL representation of STACK and QUEUE data structure operation which makes it easier for students to understand the concept behind data structure implementation. We have also provided some interactive example about stack and queue with there effective operation like PUSH ,POP so students will get idea about data structure operations with less effort.

  7. Install :

    • Simply copy APK file to Aakash tablet, click on open & Install.
  8. Usage : You can use this app as follows:

    • Click start button to start application.
    • Click on Stack button to get information about the stack or Click on Queue button to get information about Queue.
    • These activity screens contains four Buttons
      • Theory: Theorotical information about the data structure i.e. Core concept, an Algorithm and A C program.
      • Animation : Graphical representation of data structure.
      • Interactive : in this scenario you supposed to make data structure by your own.
      • Questions : Contains 4 Multiple Choice Questions about data structure.
  9. Contact :

    1. Wasim Beniwale E-mail: Phone: +918149670368

    2. Mahesh Girase E-mail: Phone: +917588735005

  10. Licence : GNU GPL Version 3, 29 June 2007.

    Please refer this `link' for detailed description.


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