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webpack plugin for Rust
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Webpack plugin for Rust


yarn add --dev @wasm-tool/wasm-pack-plugin


We expect wasm-pack to be in your $PATH. See installation here.

The minimum required wasm-pack version is 0.8.0


Add the loader in your webpack.config.js:

const path = require("path");
const WasmPackPlugin = require("@wasm-tool/wasm-pack-plugin");

module.exports = {
  // ...

  plugins: [

    new WasmPackPlugin({
      crateDirectory: path.resolve(__dirname, "crate"),

      // Check for
      // the available set of arguments.
      // Default arguments are `--typescript --target browser --mode normal`.
      extraArgs: "--no-typescript",

      // Optional array of absolute paths to directories, changes to which
      // will trigger the build.
      // watchDirectories: [
      //   path.resolve(__dirname, "another-crate/src")
      // ],

      // The same as the `--out-dir` option for `wasm-pack`
      // outDir: "pkg",

      // The same as the `--out-name` option for `wasm-pack`
      // outName: "index",

      // If defined, `forceWatch` will force activate/deactivate watch mode for
      // `.rs` files.
      // The default (not set) aligns watch mode for `.rs` files to Webpack's
      // watch mode.
      // forceWatch: true,

      // If defined, `forceMode` will force the compilation mode for `wasm-pack`
      // Possible values are `development` and `production`.
      // the mode `development` makes `wasm-pack` build in `debug` mode.
      // the mode `production` makes `wasm-pack` build in `release` mode.
      // forceMode: "development",


  // ...

and then import your pkg folder from wasm-pack:

import("./path/to/your/pkg").then(module => {;
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