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Bringing joy to the act of building distributed applications with low boilerplate, secure by default WebAssembly components. CNCF sandbox application runtime.

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wasmCloud is a universal application platform that helps you build and run globally distributed WebAssembly applications on any cloud or edge. Our goal is to make development more joyful and efficient by giving developers the tools to write only the code that matters—and making it easy to run that code anywhere.

wasmCloud leverages WebAssembly's security, portability, and performance to compose applications from tiny, independent building blocks.These building blocks are managed declaratively and reconfigurable at runtime. You shouldn't need to recompile your whole app to upgrade a database client or patch a vulnerability and you shouldn't need to recompile anything to move your app from development to production.


  1. wasmCloud wasmCloud Public

    wasmCloud allows for simple, secure, distributed application development using WebAssembly components and capability providers.

    Rust 1.3k 113

  2. wadm wadm Public

    wasmCloud Application Deployment Manager (wadm): Declarative application deployments for wasmCloud applications.

    Rust 90 20

  3. Public website, documentation, blog, and community meetings, built with Docusaurus.

    MDX 9 24

  4. wasmcloud-operator wasmcloud-operator Public

    Kubernetes operator for declaratively deploying wasmCloud applications (via wadm) and hosts on Kubernetes.

    Rust 12 6


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