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Aug 16, 2022
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Wasmflow is a free and open platform for building applications out of WebAssembly code containers.

Wasmflow lets you write code and reuse it easily, everywhere. It's built with Rust and Wasmtime and takes ideas from Docker, Kubernetes, Erlang, Rx, FBP, and more.

Getting Started

Visit the docs on for getting started guides and API documentation.


Head over to the releases page to download precompiled binaries for your platform.

Alternately, install from source with the command:

$ make install

or for more optimized builds:

$ make install-release

Prerequisites for building from source

Aside from rust & cargo, you'll need node.js & npm to run and build the code generator.

You can install all the prerequisites for tools that can be installed via rust and npm with the command:

$ make deps


The Makefiles also make use of jq. You'll find installation instructions on the jq homepage:


The generated protobuf code uses prost which depends on a number of developer tools. Many developer systems will probably have these installed already, but recent macs no longer include cmake with the XCode CLI tools. You'll need either the full xcode installation or homebrew to install it.

You can install xcode from the app store or you can install cmake via brew with the command:

$ brew install cmake

Rust nightly

You'll also need the rust nightly toolchain in addition to stable for some of the dependent tools and code formatting.

$ rustup toolchain add nightly

Building Wasmflow

Build Wasmflow with make alone.


Running tests

Run unit and self-contained integration tests via make

make test

To run the full suite of tests, you'll need a local NATS server, redis instance, and OCI registry. You can run these with the docker-compose.yml file in the /scripts/ directory.

$ cd scripts && docker-compose up

Need a Makefile primer?

Check out these guides if you need help with Makefiles: