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darenillas Moved the the temp. file directory (where the oPOSSUM state object is…
… stored)

from ABS_HTDOCS_TMP_PATH to OPOSSUM_TMP_PATH, i.e. state objects are no longer
stored within the htdocs tree!
Commented out the clean__clean_tempfiles and _clean_resultfiles routines.
This functionality is now moved to scripts run as cron jobs.
Latest commit 16952ff Jun 1, 2016
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cgi-bin Removed files that had their locations/names changed. Jun 5, 2012
scripts Made seq SSA and aCSA more consistent in displaying the TF ID regardl… Jun 4, 2014
sql Updated to reflect current table schema. Jun 4, 2014
INSTALL Added more explicit instructions for setting up local oPOSSUM databases. Jul 2, 2013


This is the top level directory of oPOSSUM3. Please also see the INSTALL and
DEPENDENCIES files for information on how to install oPOSSUM.