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Contribution Guidelines

If you can understand Vietnamese, please refer this post in Viblo, which describes in detail about how to contribute to Chat++.


  • Chat++ is rewritten in ECMAScript 6 and compiled by babel.
  • Install nodejs and gulp, if you do not have.
  • Run npm install to install the required node modules.
  • Chat++ uses ESLint for checking code styles. It uses eslint-babel parser instead of the default ESLint parser. You have to install them first.
npm install -g eslint babel-eslint
  • You can refer the .eslintrc.json file for the rules that Chat++ is following. Check ESLint Rules Document for the rules in detail.
  • Run gulp to build codes from src folder.
  • Run npm test or eslint src to check whether your codes satisfy the convention or not.

Report an Issue

Please follow the guidelines below when creating an issue so that your issue can be more promptly resolved:

  • Provide us as much information as you can. If possible, please describe the steps for reproducing the issue. A screenshot or a gif image to explain the issue is very appreciated. 👍

  • Please search through existing issues to see if your issue is already reported or fixed to make sure you are not reporting a duplicated issue.

Contribute to the project

  • With Pull Requests about the new features, bug fixes, code refactoring ... please send to develop branch.
  • With Pull Requests for the Firefox version ... please send to firefox branch.

They are always welcome. 👍