A useful infinite scroll jQuery plugin. It changes title and URL automatically, it's nice for SEO.
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Clever Infinite Scroll

This is another Infinite Scroll jQuery plugin but little bit clever.

  • Please implement it in page footer or something common element
  • It is super simple, it might work in Wordpress and other CMSs


  • Infinite Scroll
    • Only you need a few elements to make it active
    • You can customize the selector names
    • Of course, contents are loaded by Ajax
  • Change URL
    • The URL and page title will be changed automatically
    • It leaves History that which contents you have seen in your browser
    • It will work for both scrolling up & down
    • By offset option, you can set the offset distance for fetching next page. Default is window's height

That's it. Pretty simple, Eh?

Project models

It should look like...


Users (Thanks!)