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DevTube contribution data.
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Dev.Tube Contribution Data

Let's build the best tech video hub together! Check out 🥇contributors leaderboard.

What help is needed?

  • please help fixing video metadata
  • please help adding speakers
  • please help improving the website
  • please contribute new channels

Channel or playlist contribution guidelines

  • Conference talks are accepted.
  • Panel discussions are accepted.
  • High quality video tutorials are accepted (only time-proven channels, with no aggressive marketing)
  • No webinars.
  • No commercial videos (product or company advertisement or hiring promotions).
  • We do not add videos shorter than 5 minutes. Short videos are automatically ignored.
  • If your channel contains commercial videos, but you still want to share some of the technical videos, please, create a playlist and share that instead.

Channels and playlists can be added to channels.yml.

How to edit video metadata

  • Please use spaces for formatting.
  • Please, only add speaker information if it is a real single person. Collective names or organization accounts will not be accepted as a valid speaker metadata. We plan to implement multiple speakers per video at some point (follow up here).

The structure of the video metadata looks like this:

    - tag1
    - tag2
    name: Speaker full name
    twitter: SpeakerTwitterHandle (no @)
title: Title goes here
language: English
category: conference # or vlog
featured: true (you need to have enough karma points, see
recordingDate: 1444245407 # 
description: Some text goes here #

How to remove a video

If you want a video to be removed, create an entry in ignored.yml and explain why you think the video should be removed. In particular, we'd appreciate if you removed marketing videos.

Video auto-tagging

In addition to editing video metadata, auto-tagging is supported. Auto-tagging takes place when video metadata is modified or a new video is ingested.

Contribute to auto-tagging by modifying tags.yml

Speaker auto-discovery

When a new video is ingested, Dev.Tube tries to determine author's twitter account.

Contribute to speaker auto-discovery by modifying speakers.yml.


I made a contribution, but do no see the change

Videos are updated few times in a week, but we try to do it more frequently. We're also working on the solution to make changes on the fly.

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