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import boto3
import botocore
import time
def save_config(client, bucket_name, rules):
lifecycle = {}
lifecycle['Rules'] = rules
response = client.put_bucket_lifecycle_configuration(Bucket=bucket_name, LifecycleConfiguration=lifecycle)
if response['ResponseMetadata']['HTTPStatusCode'] == 200:
print('[%s] AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload lifecycle configuration created successfully.' % (bucket_name))
print('Failed creating lifecycle configuration on bucket [%s], response: [%s]' % (bucket_name, str(response)))
def create_default_abort_policy():
policy = {}
policy['ID'] = 'AbortMultipartUploads'
policy['Prefix'] = ''
policy['Status'] = 'Enabled'
policy['AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload'] = { 'DaysAfterInitiation': 7 }
return policy
def create_new_lifecycle(client, bucket_name):
print('[%s] has no lifecycle configuration, creating default configuration...' % (bucket_name))
save_config(client, bucket_name, [create_default_abort_policy()])
def rule_has_abort_policy(rule):
return rule.has_key('AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload')
def update_prefix_rules(rules):
# Used when at least one prefix has abort policy set, ensure all prefixes also have abort.
update_count = 0
for rule in rules:
if rule['Prefix'] == '':
if rule_has_abort_policy(rule):
rule['AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload'] = { 'DaysAfterInitiation': 7 }
update_count += 1
return update_count > 0
def update_lifecycle(client, bucket_name):
lifecycle = client.get_bucket_lifecycle_configuration(Bucket=bucket_name)
rules = lifecycle['Rules']
entire_bucket_policy = None
has_abort_policy = False
for rule in rules:
#Check for bucket wide multipart abort policy
if rule['Prefix'] == '':
entire_bucket_policy = rule
if rule_has_abort_policy(entire_bucket_policy):
print('[%s] has existing AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload lifecycle configuration, skipping.' % (bucket_name))
has_abort_policy = rule_has_abort_policy(rule)
if has_abort_policy:
if not entire_bucket_policy and not has_abort_policy:
# No existing bucket wide policy and no abort policy on prefixes, create default bucket wide policy, leave prefixes unchanged
print('[%s] has no AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload policy, creating new policy for bucket' % (bucket_name))
save_config(client, bucket_name, rules)
elif entire_bucket_policy and not has_abort_policy:
# Existing bucket wide policy with no abort policy on prefixes, update existing policy to add abort, leave prefixes unchanged
print('[%s] adding AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload to existing policy' % (bucket_name))
entire_bucket_policy['AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload'] = { 'DaysAfterInitiation': 7 }
save_config(client, bucket_name, rules)
elif has_abort_policy:
if update_prefix_rules(rules):
print('[%s] has AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload on prefix, updating other prefixes' % (bucket_name))
save_config(client, bucket_name, rules)
print('[%s] has existing AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload lifecycle prefix configuration, skipping.' % (bucket_name))
except botocore.exceptions.ClientError as e:
if 'NoSuchLifecycleConfiguration' == e.response['Error']['Code']:
# No lifecycle rules on bucket
create_new_lifecycle(client, bucket_name)
print('Error processing bucket [%s]: [%s]' % (bucket_name, str(e)))
def main():
s3 = boto3.resource('s3')
client = boto3.client('s3')
client_map = {}
for bucket in s3.buckets.all():
# Hack to work around SigV4 breaking in eu-central, need to create client with region so boto3 signs request correctly
region = client.get_bucket_location(['LocationConstraint']
if region == None:
#US Standard has no location constraint set
region = 'us-east-1'
if not client_map.has_key(region):
#Cache regional clients
client_map[region] = boto3.client('s3', region_name=region)
client = client_map[region]
parts = client.list_multipart_uploads(, MaxUploads=10)
if parts.has_key('Uploads'):
print('[%s] has incomplete multipart uploads and will be affected by this change.' % (
# Comment out this block if you want to apply to all buckets regardless of whether or not they contain failed multipart uploads
print('[%s] does not have incomplete multipart uploads, skipping.' % (
# Avoid throttling, take a break
if __name__ == '__main__':