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import sys
import os
import boto3
import botocore
import logging
sgw = boto3.client('storagegateway')
dynamodb = boto3.client('dynamodb')
log = logging.getLogger('S3StorageGatewayRefresh')
# Query the Storage Gateway for a list of file shares and then search for
# the share mapped to a bucket.
def find_share(bucket):
log.debug('Searching for file share gateway for bucket %s', bucket)
share_list = sgw.list_file_shares()
log.debug('list_file_shares: %s', share_list)
nfs_share_arns = []
smb_share_arns = []
for share in share_list['FileShareInfoList']:
# Current Lambda boto3 execution environment is 1.7.30 which does not
# support the new attribute type, this code tries to handle this by
# using the attribute if available or defaulting to NFS, it WILL break
# if you have SMB shares and due to the API design there is no way to
# avoid this without including the right version of boto3/botocore in
# the deployment :(
if 'FileShareType' in share:
share_type = share['FileShareType']
share_type = 'NFS'
if share_type == 'NFS':
elif share_type == 'SMB':
if len(nfs_share_arns) > 0:
result = sgw.describe_nfs_file_shares(FileShareARNList=nfs_share_arns)
for nfs in result['NFSFileShareInfoList']:
if nfs['LocationARN'] == ('arn:aws:s3:::' + bucket):
return nfs['FileShareARN']
if len(smb_share_arns) > 0:
result = sgw.describe_smb_file_shares(FileShareARNList=smb_share_arns)
for smb in result['SMBFileShareInfoList']:
if smb['LocationARN'] == ('arn:aws:s3:::' + bucket):
return smb['FileShareARN']
except botocore.exceptions.ClientError as e:
if (e.response['Error']['Code'] == 'InvalidGatewayRequestException'):
log.error('Error looking up NFS file shares,',
'probably an SMB share with wrong execution environment')
return ''
# Store the share ARN in the DynamoDB table so we don't need to keep querying
# the SGW API for a list of shares. If a refresh cache request fails on a
# cached share it will be cleared by the remove_cached_share method
def cache_share(bucket, share):
log.debug('Caching bucket %s file share ARN: %s', bucket, share)
Key={ 'BucketName' : { 'S': bucket } },
'#S' : 'share'
':s' : { 'S': share }
UpdateExpression = 'SET #S = :s')
# Check the DynamoDB table for a cached share ARN. If it is not found then
# query the SGW API for the available shares and cache the ARN against the
# bucket name for the next lookup.
def lookup_share(bucket):
response = dynamodb.get_item(
Key={ 'BucketName' : { 'S': bucket } },
ExpressionAttributeNames={ '#s': 'share' },
ProjectionExpression= '#s'
if 'share' in response['Item']:
share = response['Item']['share']['S']
if len(share) > 0:
log.debug('Cached share %s found for bucket %s', share, bucket)
return share
# Cached share was not found, query the API
share = find_share(bucket)
if len(share) > 0:'Found share %s for bucket %s', share, bucket)
cache_share(bucket, share)
return share
# We need to remove stale cached ARNs if a refresh cache request fails. It is
# possible the original (cached) share has been deleted/recreated, clear the
# cached entry from the DynamoDB table so the next request can do a new lookup
def remove_cached_share(bucket, share):'Removing cached bucket %s file share ARN: %s', bucket, share)
Key={ 'BucketName' : { 'S': bucket } },
ExpressionAttributeNames={ '#s': 'share' },
UpdateExpression = 'REMOVE #s')
exctype, value = sys.exc_info()[:2]
log.error('Error clearing cached bucket share %s %s, ignoring: %s',
exctype, value, share)
def refresh_sgw_cache(bucket, share):'Refreshing share %s for bucket %s', share, bucket)
exctype, value = sys.exc_info()[:2]
log.error('Error refreshing cache %s %s, ignoring: %s', exctype, value,
# Clear any cached bucket/share
remove_cached_share(bucket, share)
# Main handler/entry point. We are expecting an SQS message with attributes
# 'bucket-name' and 'timestamp' set. The bucket name is used to look up the
# Storage Gateway file share ARN to issue a refresh cache command
def lambda_handler(event, context):
if 'Records' not in event:
log.warn('Ignoring invalid event, missing Records element: %s', event)
for message in event['Records']:
if 'messageAttributes' not in message:
log.warn('Ignoring invalid message, missing messageAttributes'
' element: %s', message)
bucket = message['messageAttributes']['bucket-name']['stringValue']
share = lookup_share(bucket)
if len(share) > 0:
refresh_sgw_cache(bucket, share)
log.warn('Could not find file share, skipping refresh for '
'bucket: %s', bucket)
exctype, value = sys.exc_info()[:2]
log.error('Error processing message %s %s, ignoring: %s', exctype,
value, message)