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BackupMinder is tool to create a monthly archive of otherwise unmanageable backups
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Library/Application Support/BackupMinder


An open source tool by Watchman Monitoring, Inc.

What are BackupMinder's components?

/Applications/ A GUI to create and set launchd plists
/Library/Application Support/BackupMinder The tool which does all the work.
/Library/Application Support/BackupMinderHelper A privilaged helper for the GUI<br \r> /Library/LaunchDeamons/org.backupminder.[your set name] The launchd which watches a folder, and runs the BackupMinder tool.

How does BackupMinder operate?

The BackupMinder executable is the brains of the operation. This python script is to be launched using a series of switches which guide its operation. The BackupMinderUI is included as a tool to construct a launchd to run BackupMinder with a specified set of variables.

What are BackupMinder's inputs?

The BackupMinder script should be launched with the following inputs defined:

Name A cosmetic name for a backup set.
BackupSource The folder in which backup files are created, we'll watch this folder to know when to run.
*ArchiveDestination The folder in which the historical archives should be stored.
NameContains This snippit of a name is used to identify
BackupsToLeave The script will trim old copies of backups, in excess of this number. ie if a backup happens daily, a value of 7 here will trim backups over 1 week old.
WarnDays A flag used by Watchman Monitoring to send an alert if backups aren't happening in a timely fashion.

How do we implement BackupMinder?

Install BackupMinder by downloading the latest release from its GitHub repository.

Install the BackupMinder.pkg and open the from /Applications.

The BackupMinderUI app allows the creation of BackupMinder sets.

Within each set, the app allows you to set the needed paths and file names, and stores them in a LaunchDeamon plist.

Each time a file is placed the monitored folder, the OS will trigger BackupMinder as declared in the plist.

To Do List

Update the readability of the BackupMinderUI

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