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Clicking into an input field should select contents #87

dethe opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Dethe Elza Blake Bourque
Dethe Elza

Just another little UI thing, but when an input field is activated, its contents should be selected.

Blake Bourque

We need to implement this in a way that isn't annoying. I've played around with some possibilities, and it makes it hard for the user to edit what is in the field.

Most modern browsers will select all if you triple click.

Dethe Elza

I'm not particularly attached to this, but it was on the old ToDo list in the README, so I pulled it in when I consolidated all issues here. We can close as Won't Fix if there isn't a champion for it.

Blake Bourque TechplexEngineer closed this issue from a commit
Blake Bourque TechplexEngineer This fixes #87.
It doesn't seem to be too intrusive. I am wondering why it was on the previous list of todos?
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