How to Contribute

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Start work on Waterbear

  1. Fork on github (Fork button)
  2. Clone to computer ($ git clone[your_github_username]/waterbear.git)
  3. Configure remote upstream (If you clone, origin will automatically be added.)

Work on a feature or bugfix

  1. Create a branch ($ git checkout -b [new branch name], e.g. "git checkout -b 39-menu-fix" where 39 is the issue number)
  2. Develop on branch
  3. Commit on branch (e.g. "git commit origin 39-menu-fix")
  4. Periodically fetch from upstream (e.g. "git pull origin master") Lather, rinse, repeat

To submit finished feature/bugfix

  1. Rebase issue branch to latest version (e.g. "git rebase origin master")
  2. Test to make sure nothing has broken
  3. Push branch to github ($ git push origin [new branch name])
  4. Issue pull request (Pull Request button)
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