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AntsDB is a low latency, high concurrency, MySQL compliant SQL layer for HBase
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AntsDB is a low latency, high concurrency virtual SQL layer for HBase. Unlike the other SQL on Hadoop solutions, AntsDB is aiming at making Hadoop a powerful OLTP database by providing complex transaction management capability, complete locking mechanism, sub millisecond latency and full compatibility with MySQL.

- ACID compliant. AntsDB supports read-committed isolation. Transaction can cross multiple table and multiple rows with automatic or manual commit/rollback. Updates is versioned using MVCC. Both optimistic locking and pessimistic locking are supported at the granularity of either table or row level.
- Core DML/DDL in MySQL flavour
- Secondary index.
- JDBC, ODBC, PHP, Python are supported using MySQL drivers
- Kerberos as the security mechanism
- Work with the popular MySQL frond-end such as MySQL Console, PhpMyAdmin, DBeaver, Squirrel SQL etc.

AntsDB requires Java 1.8. It runs on Linux, Windows and MacOS. It needs at leat 1G memory and 10G storage. 

AntsDB executable can be either built using the source code or downloaded directly from For details, please refer to the installation page on our wiki.

AntsDB shares the same security mechanism, Kerberos, with Hadoop/HBase. In order to enable the security. Your Hadoop/HBase cluster must be configure properly with Kerberos. When security is not enabled, user can log into AntsDB use any combination of user name and password.

AntsDB is wire compatible with MySQL. Most MySQL applications can run directly without any changes. 

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