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AntsDB can run with or without HBase. When it runs with HBase backed storage, all data will be saved in HBase and local storage is used as a cache that stores more recent data used by the end user. When AntsDB runs without HBase, all data is saved locally. The running mode cannot be altered after AntsDB initialization. Changing the mode might cause data loss. Setting is used to determine the running mode

AntsDB configuration file - - is located under conf folder. It is a plain text file. It can be edited using any text editor.

Below is the list of settings

fish.port : the port AntsDB is listening on. Default is 3306, same as MySQL

netty.worker.pool.size : size of the thread pool. Default is number of available CPU cores times 2 : default is hbase

humpback.hbase-conf : location of the hbase-site.xml.

hbase.zookeeper.quorum : hbase quorum name. It is not needed if humpback.hbase-conf is set.

humpback.hbase-system-ns : HBase namespace used for AntsDB metadata. Default is ANTSDB. This setting can be used to setup multiple instances of AntsDB in a single HBase cluster.

hbase_compression_codec : compression algorithm used in HBase, can be GZ, LZO, LZ4 or SNAPPY. Default is GZ which is a built-in in HBase. SNAPPY is recommended for the best performance but it requires additional library being installed in HBase installation

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