Water Linked Underwater GPS API examples
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Water Linked Underwater GPS API examples



Install the required Python packages

pip install -r requirements.txt


Example applications using the Water Linked Underwater GPS API. See http://waterlinked.com for more details. The example applications are set up to use the Water Linked Demo Server by default and should be changed to the IP address/port of your kit. (For example:

About nmeaoutput.py

Generate NMEA sentences (GGA) from the global/locator position (lat, lon) and output it to either UDP or Serial port.

About nmeainput.py

Parse NMEA sentences (GGA/HDT) from either UDP or Serial and send to Underwater GPS kit to use as global reference system instead of the on-board GPS and IMU. The Underwater GPS kit must be configured to use "External" GPS / Compass.

About getposition.py

Example of how to get both global (lat/lon) and relative position (x,y,z) from the Water Linked Underwater GPS.

About externaldepth.py

Example of how to send external depth data to the Water Linked Underwater GPS. This is needed when using the Locator A1 and is typically part of ROV integration

About tracklog.py

Example of how to store positions into a tracklog while the system is running into a GPX file for later viewing or processing.