a selection of ruby quizzes for sharpening your ruby chops
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Ruby Quiz

A list of ruby problems to go along with the Best Of Ruby Quiz book.  You should do these examples in a TDD style using RSpec.  Write the tests first.

To submit your solutions, please push to your own branch.

To Set up Rspec:

gem install rspec
gem install rspec-core

To run the tests:

bundle exec rspec spec/madlib_spec.rb # where madlib is the example you are working on

Quiz 1: Madlibs

Madlibs game.  Given a string like "Our favorite lanuage is also a ((gemstone))", your program should ask the user questions such as:  Please give me a gemstone.  It should display the results
which replace the placeholders with the user's answer.  You should provide a method which returns a string: "Our favorite language is also a ruby"