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go and mruby binding utility
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Go/mruby utilities.

Mapping values

The mapping between mruby and Go values.

Unmarshal Ruby values into Go struct data

Mapping values from Ruby into Go struct. Func Unmarshal fetch values for every field in Ruby object that defined by mruby:"METHOD_NAME" tag.

type Planet struct {
    Id         int            `mruby:"id"`
    Name       string         `mruby:"name"`
    Radius     float64        `mruby:"radius"`
    HasMoon    bool           `mruby:"has_moon"`
    Moon       []string       `mruby:"moon"`
    MoonRadius map[string]int `mruby:"moon_radius"`

Define each value accessor in Ruby class.

class Planet
  attr_accessor :id
  attr_accessor :name
  attr_accessor :radius
  attr_accessor :has_moon
  attr_accessor :moon
  attr_accessor :moon_radius

Retrieve ruby value *ruby.MrbValue, then unmarshal it into the Go struct.

rv, _ := mrb.LoadString(`
p =          = 3        = "Earth"
p.radius      = 6371.0
p.has_moon    = true
p.moon        = ["Moon"]
p.moon_radius = {"Moon" => 1737}

p := Planet{}
Unmarshal(rv, &p)

fmt.Printf("Planet: %v\n", p)
// Planet: {3 Earth 6371 true [Moon] map[Moon:1737]}

Decode/encode between Ruby values and Go values

Similar to func Unmarshal. Func DecodeMrbValue and EncodeMrbValue enable mapping values between mruby and Go. DecodeMrbValue/EncodeMrbValue have limitation for a type of value. This supports JSON equivalent types like below.

  • nil
  • bool
  • int
  • float
  • string
  • Array / slice
  • Hash / map (Hash/map key must be a string)
mrb := mruby.NewMrb()
defer mrb.Close()

// Mapping to mruby value
rv, err := EncodeMrbValue(mrb, map[string]interface{}{"Earth": 6371, "Moon": 1737})

// Mapping from mruby value
gv, err := DecodeMrbValue(rv)


MIT License. See file LICENSE for more detail.

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