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Aura C2 Server

This is a lightweight image for the Aura C2 server.

The image exposes port 41450 and has a default Django admin user "admin" with password "pass". The admin user can be changed through the Django admin site located at http://your_server:your_django_port/admin.

Example Usage

The following command creates a container named c2-server1, binds the host's port 41450 to port 41450 in the container, and runs it in the background,

docker run --name c2-server1 -p 41450:41450 -d watersalesman/aura-c2

You can also run the container in the foreground with an interactive pseudo-TTY to see requests being sent to the server. This is good for debugging and allows you to kill the server with a simple CTRL-C. Start the container like so:

docker run --name c2-server1 -p 41450:41450 -it watersalesman/aura-c2

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