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Compiling win32ole (Ruby 1.8.7 +)
(1) Download and install the appropriate version of Ruby:
(2) Download and install the Ruby DevKit:
(3) Check out the source code:
(4) Go to the directory where you installded the DevKit and run devkitvars.bat
(5) Go into the ruby source tree: ruby/etc/win32ole
(6) Make sure you can build without the patch
(a) Run: 'ruby extconf.rb'
(b) Run: 'make'
(c) Presuming you didn't encounter any errors, this will create:
(d) Run: 'make clean'
(7) Apply the win32ole.patch (if a lot has changed it might not go cleanly and require some manual steps)
(8) Re-run through step (6) now that the code has been patched.
(a) Pay close attention to any warnings or errors. (the interfaces or parameters may have changed slightly)
(b) Create a patch if the original patch didn't go cleanly
(c) copy the .so (and patch if necessary) into the watir source tree
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