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=begin rdoc
This is Watir - Web Application Testing In Ruby
Install Ruby
First you need to install Ruby using the one-click installer for Windows. We
recommend Ruby 1.8.6. (Even if you are using modal dialogs.)
Install Watir
Watir is packaged as a gem, a Ruby library that can be installed over the
Watir 1.5 was released in September 2007. To install it, type this at a
command prompt:
gem install watir
Watir 1.4 was released in August 2005. If you are upgrading from it, see
these notes:
How To Use:
This only works on Windows.
Requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or newer.
Check out the mail lists and the documentation for the workarounds.
User Guide:
Unit Tests:
Run the unittests in a cmd shell. Go to the dir where you installed it and then type 'ruby unittests/core_tests.rb'.
See the user guide if you are having problems with security blocking.
Typical Usage
# include the controller
require 'watir'
# create an instance of the controller
ie =
# go to the page you want to test
# to enter text into a text field - assuming the field is named 'username'
ie.text_field(:name, 'username').set('Paul')
# if there was a text field that had an id of 'company_ID', you could set it to 'Ruby Co':
ie.text_field(:id ,'company_ID').set('Ruby Co')
# to click a button that has a caption of 'Cancel'
ie.button(:value, 'Cancel').click
Identifying something using two or more identifying characteristics
# Html objects can also be identified via a combination of two of the above methods,
# for example to click a span with a class name of 'Label', and whose text is 'Add new', one could say
ie.span(:class =>'Label', :text => 'Add new').click
# Or to find one object within another (for example the first text_field within a div of class
# 'PasswordInput', where your password equals 'MyPassword'), one could say
ie.div(:class, 'PasswordInput').text_field(:index, 1).set('MyPassword')
The ways that are available to identify an html object depend upon the object type, but include
:id used for an object that has an ID attribute.*
:name used for an object that has a name attribute.*
:value value of text fields, captions of buttons.
:index finds the nth object of the specified type - eg button(:index , 2) finds the second button. This is 1 based. <br>
:class used for an object that has a class attribute.
:text used for links and other objects that contain text.
:xpath finds the item using xpath query
* :id and :name are the quickest of these to process, and so should be used when possible to speed up scripts.
These 2 web sites provide info on Internet Explorer and on the DOM as implemented by Internet Explorer
Command line options:
-b (background) Run Internet Explorer invisible
-f (fast) Run tests very fast
Note that if you also use test/unit, you will need to require 'watir' first to avoid conflicts
with its command line switches.
Javascript Pop Up Support
Watir now optionally installs AutoIt -
This is the prefered method for dealing wth pop ups, file requesters etc. Support for Winclickers will be removed.
Bret Pettichord (
Charley Baker (
Paul Rogers (
The mailing list:
Bret Pettichord
Paul Rogers
Jonathan Kohl
Chris Morris
Karlin Fox
Lorenzo Jorquera
Atilla Ozgur
Justin McCarthy
Chris McMahon
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Michael Kelly
Peter Chau
Danny Faught
Andy Sipe
John Lloyd-Jones
Chris Hedges
Park Heesob
Shashank Date
Jared Luxenberg
Alexey Verkhovsky
Tuyet Cong-Ton-Nu
Jeff Wood
Angrez Singh
Abhishek Goliya
Yaxin Wang
Michael Bolton
Paul Carvalho
Konstantin Sobolev
David Schmidt
Dara Lillis
Charley Baker
Prema Arya
Xavier Noria
Jeff Fry
Zeljko Filipin
Paul Taylor - Bug fix 194
Vincent Xu - Chinese input support
Tomislav Car - Filefield fix (210)
Michael Hwee & Aidy Lewis - Multiple attribute support for FireWatir (233)
Alan Baird - Fix for visible? method (253)
Jari Bakken - Regexp support for includes? and selected? methods for select lists (261)
Chris Morris
Brian Marick
Jonathan Kohl
Penny Tonita
Janet Gregory
Andy Tinkham
Jacinda Scott (logo creator)
Thanks for your ideas and support!
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