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Watir::Browser is now a class and not a module.

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1 parent 26e2509 commit b50a713c04bcffd3df67cc6c8c86a8958c288276 @jarmo jarmo committed Sep 17, 2012
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@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ module Watir
=end rdoc
- module Browser
+ class Browser

haoruiqian Aug 6, 2013

So there are two classes using same name Watir::Browser exist in both watir and watir-classic? If I installed both of them, and require 'watir' in my code, then invoke, it will throw a superclass not match exception, so I need un-install watir.
Why two classes using one name, is there any difference between them? Which gem should I use, watir or watir-classic?


jarmo Aug 6, 2013


Show us the code, which throws an error for you. It should not throw any errors when you just require "watir". If you do then the appropriate library is loaded watir-classic or watir-webdriver but never both. I can see that you're getting that problem if you try to monkey-patch.

@@browser_classes = {}
@@sub_options = {}
@@default = nil

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