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This gem makes Watir work with Rails.


Add this code to your Gemfile:

group :test do
  gem "watir-rails"


Just use Watir like you've always done in your requests/integration tests:

browser =
browser.goto home_path
browser.text_field(name: "first").set "Jarmo"
browser.text_field(name: "last").set  "Pertman"
browser.button(name: "sign_in").click

Ignore Rails Exceptions

By default, exceptions raised by Rails application will be re-raised in your tests making them to fail.

This feature is only enabled when config.action_dispatch.show_exceptions is set to false in your Rails configuration.

You can disable it in watir-rails by ignoring exceptions:

Watir::Rails.ignore_exceptions = true


  • When using Rails path/url helpers in your tests then always use path instead of url methods, because latter won't work!