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Use Watir with RSpec with ease.
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Use Watir with RSpec with ease.

  • No need to use the @browser or $browser variables when executing browser methods.
  • No need to open the browser in your each test manually.
  • Easily test for asynchronous events by using #within matchers.
  • Easily test that something stays the same within some period by using #during matchers.
  • Get nice html reports with links to html, screenshots and other files generated during test.


Add these lines to your application's Gemfile:

group :test do
  gem "watir-rspec"

Or install it manually as:

gem install watir-rspec

And execute the following command to add watir-rspec configuration into your spec_helper:

watir-rspec install


Check out the documentation and the straight-forward fully working examples below.

require "spec_helper"

describe "Google" do
  before { goto "" }
  it "has search box" do
    expect(text_field(name: "q")).to be_present
  it "allows to search" do
    text_field(name: "q").set "watir"
    button(id: "gbqfb").click
    results = div(id: "ires")
    expect(results).to be_present.within(2)
    expect(results.lis(class: "g").map(&:text)).to be_any { |text| text =~ /watir/ }
    expect(results).to be_present.during(1)

Files created during specs

You can use Watir::RSpec.file_path to have links automatically in the html report to the files created during tests.

uploaded_file_path = Watir::RSpec.file_path("uploaded.txt"), "w") {|file| file.write "Generated File Input"}
file_field(name: "upload-file").set uploaded_file_path


You need to use rspec-rails and watir-rails gems together with watir-rspec to achieve maximum satisfaction.


Copyright (c) Jarmo Pertman ( See LICENSE for details.

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