:css should work for all container methods, not just #element #124

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Needs specs.

[12:16]      jarm0 : yes
[12:16]      jarib : watir-webdriver only supports it when used with browser.element
[12:16]      jarm0 : hmm, why?
[12:16]      jarib : not sure
[12:16]      jarm0 : is it the same with :xpath?
[12:16]      jarib : no, xpath works
[12:17]      jarib : what happens in watir if the css/xpath finds elements that doesn't match the tag name?
[12:17]      jarm0 : internally watir converts that css selector to xpath selector using nokogiri
[12:17]      jarm0 : then those elements won't be found
[12:17]      jarm0 : e.g. they will be ignored
[12:18]      jarib : ok, makes sense
@jarib jarib added a commit to watir/watirspec that referenced this issue Mar 3, 2012
@jarib jarib Guard spec for watir/watir-webdriver#124 c1bfcf1

Is this still an issue?

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@JetFault Still an issue

@p0deje p0deje closed this in #244 Feb 7, 2014
@jkotests jkotests referenced this issue in cheezy/page-object Apr 24, 2015

Find by css uses the wrong watir locator #285

@titusfortner titusfortner pushed a commit to titusfortner/watir-webdriver that referenced this issue Dec 3, 2015
@jarib jarib Guard spec for watir/watir-webdriver#124 3eacc46
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