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This repository is intended to be used as a git submodule for projects that want to implement Watir's API.

The specs run a small Sinatra webapp (WatirSpec::Server) to simulate interacting with a web server. However, most specs use the file:// scheme to avoid hitting the server.

How to use

First add the submodule to spec/watirspec:

$ git submodule add git:// spec/watirspec

The specs will look for implementation.rb in its parent directory (i.e. spec/). In this file you need to define some details about your implementation that WatirSpec needs to know

Here's an example of what spec/implementation.rb would look like for the imaginary implementation AwesomeWatir:

$LOAD_PATH.unshift(«lib folder»)
require "awesomewatir"

include AwesomeWatir::Exception # needed for now..

WatirSpec::Implementation do |imp| = :awesome

  imp.browser_class = AwesomeWatir::Browser
  imp.browser_args  = [:some => 'option']

WatirSpec.persistent_browser = false               # defaults to true, but can be disabled if needed
WatirSpec::Server.autorun    = false               # defaults to true, but can be disabled if needed

WatirSpec::Server.get("/my_route") { "content" }   # add routes to the server for implementation-specific specs

Implementation-specific specs should be placed at the root of the spec/ folder. To use the setup code from watirspec, simply require "watirspec/spec_helper" (which in turn will load your spec/spec_helper.rb).


WatirSpec includes a system to guard specs that are failing.



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