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IBM Watson APIs

A collection of REST APIs and SDKs that use cognitive computing to solve complex problems.

Pinned repositories

  1. Node.js library to access IBM Watson services.

    TypeScript 1.3k 643

  2. 🐍 Client library to use the IBM Watson services in Python and available in pip as watson-developer-cloud

    Python 1.2k 686

  3. 📱 The Watson Swift SDK enables developers to quickly add Watson Cognitive Computing services to their Swift applications.

    Swift 866 231

  4. 🥇 Java SDK to use the IBM Watson services.

    Java 552 520

  5. 🎮 Unity SDK to use the IBM Watson services.

    C# 476 182

  6. 🆕🆕🆕.NET Standard library to access Watson Services.

    C# 121 107

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