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This is a curated list of awesome conferences mostly related (but not limited) to the Node and JavaScript community.

I've made this list to better keep track of the conferences I might attend.

Pull requests are welcome, but don't be supprised if I don't accept it. It's nothing personal, but I have to keep the list focused to only the conferences I'm actually interested in attending.

I've also made a Twitter list containing all the conferences from this list. If one is missing, please open an issue.


Conference Dates Proposals Location
NodeConf Chile TBA TBA Santiago, Chile
RuhrJS Oct 13th - 14th Apr 30th Bochum, Germany
JS Interactive Oct 10th - 12th TBA Vancouver, BC, Canada
Nordic.js Sep 6th - 7th Unknown Stockholm, Sweden
JSConf US Aug 20th - 23rd May 1st Carlsbad, CA, USA
Node Summit Jul 23rd - 25th March 15th San Francisco, CA, USA
HOPE Conference Jul 20th - 22nd Unknown New York City, NY, USA
ScrotlandJS Jul 19th - 20th Mar 1st Edinburgh, Scotland
OSCON Jul 16th - 19th Jan 30th Portland, OR, USA
Web Rebels Jun 4th - 5th TBA Oslo, Norway
JSConf EU Jun 2nd - 3rd Jan 1st Berlin, Germany
ScaleConf Colombia Apr 27th - 28th Jan 15th Medellin, Colombia
JSConf Iceland Mar 1st - 2nd Oct 31st Reykjavik, Iceland
BrazilJS Unknown Unknown Porto Alegre, Brazil


Conference Dates Proposals Location
CC Congress** Dec 27th - 30th Oct 15th Leipzig, Germany
ArcticJS** Dec 16th - 17th TBA Longyearbyen, Svalbard
HolyJS Dec 10th - 11th Sep 15th Moscow, Russia
dotJS*** Dec 1st Unknown Paris, France
Nodevember Nov 27th - 28th Sep 1st Nashville, Tennessee, USA
NodeFest Nov 25th - 26th Unknown Tokyo, Japan
JS Kongress*** Nov 13th - 14th Jun 18th Munich, Germany
CubaConf Nov 7th - 9th Sep 1st Havana, Cuba
NodeConf EU*** Nov 5th - 8th Jun 30th Kilkenny, Ireland
JSConf Colombia*** Nov 3rd - 4th Jun 16th Medellin, Colombia
NodeConf Argentina Oct 26th - 28th Jul 15th Buenos Aires, Argentina
RuhrJS Oct 14th - 15th Unknown Bochum, Germany
Empire Conf* Oct 12th - 13th Aug 24th New York City, NY, USA
Node.js Interactive North America** Oct 4th - 7th Apr 10th Vancouver, Canada
DevFest Siberia Sep 23rd - 24th Jul 1st Novosibirsk, Russia
JSConf Budapest* Sep 14th - 15th Apr 30th Budapest, Hungary
Nordic.js* Sep 7th - 8th Unknown Stockholm, Sweden
Full Stack Fest Sep 4th - 8th May 15th Barcelona, Spain
Bornhack Aug 22nd - 29th Unknown Bornholm, Denmark
Midwest JS Aug 16th - 18th Feb 24th Minneapolis, MN, USA
DEF CON Jul 27th - 30st May 1st Las Vegas, NV, USA
NodeSummit* Jul 25nd - 27th Unknown San Francisco, CA, USA
JSConf China Jul 15th - 16th May 20th Shanghai, China
FullStack Jul 12th - 14th Unknown London, United Kingdom
NodeConf Adventure Jul 6th - 9th N/A Petaluma, CA, USA
Camp++ Jul 6th - 9th May 24th Fort Monostor, Komárom, Hungary
Fluent Jun 20th - 22nd Jan 12th San Jose, CA, USA
DinosaurJS Jun 15th - 16th Mar 15th Denver, CO, USA
BattleMesh Jun 5th - 11th Unknown Vienna, Austria
HolyJS Jun 2nd - 3rd May 10th Saint Petersburg, Russia
Web Rebels*** Jun 1st - 2nd Jan 30th Oslo, Norway
DEVit Web Conference May 20th - 21st Feb 5th Thessaloniki, Greece
jsDay May 10th - 11th Jan 31st Verona, Italy
OSCON US May 8th - 18th Oct 25th Austin, TX, USA
JSConf EU** May 6th – 7th Jan 1st Berlin, Germany
CSV Conf May 2nd - 3th Unknown Portland, OR, USA
Offline Camp Apr 28th - May 1st Unknown Berlin, Germany
NodeConf Barcelona*** Apr 7th Unknown Barcelona, Spain
JSUnconf Mar 25th – 26th N/A Hamburg, Germany
Open Source Days Mar 17th - 18th Unknown Copenhagen, Denmark
Forward JS Mar 1st Nov 15th San Francisco, CA, USA
FOSDEM Feb 4th - 5th Oct 31st / Nov 25th Brussels, Belgium
Script'17 Jan 27th Unknown Linz, Austria
BuzzJS Jan 27th Unknown New York City, NY, USA
NodeConf Budapest*** Jan 20th Oct 15th Budapest, Hungary


Conference Dates Proposals Location
CC Congress** Dec 27th - 30th Sep 30th Hamburg, Germany
HolyJS*** Dec 11th Unknown Moscow, Russia
dotJS** Dec 5th N/A Paris, France
JSConf AU Dec 1st Unknown Melbourne, Australia
Node.js Interactive North America*** Nov 29th - 2nd Jul 15th Austin, TX, USA
JSConf Asia Nov 25th - 26th Unknown Singapore
Nodevember Nov 20th - 21st Aug 16th Nashville, TN, USA
NodeConf Argentina Nov 18th - 19th Jul 28th Buenos Aires, Argentina
NodeFest*** Nov 12th - 13th Sep 25th Tokyo, Japan
Øredev Nov 7th - 11th Unknown Malmö, Sweden
EmpireNode* Nov 7th Sep 9th New York City, NY, USA
Node.js Live Washington, D.C. Oct 26th Unknown Washington, DC, USA
Node.js Italian Conference*** Oct 22nd May 15th Desenzano, Italy
NodeConf EU*** Oct 16th - 20th Unknown Kilkenny, Ireland
CodeNeuro Oct 14th - 15th TBA San Francisco, CA, USA Oct 6th - 8th Jul 31st Lisbon, Portugal
Parallel Polis Congress Sep 30th - Oct 2nd Unknown Prague, Czechia
NodeBoat** Sep 20th - 22nd N/A Copenhagen, Denmark
Node.js Interactive Europe*** Sep 15th - 16th May 13th Amsterdam, Netherlands
BalCCon Sep 9th - 11th Unknown Novi Sad, Serbia
Nordic.js* Sep 8th - 9th Apr 30th Stockholm, Sweden
Full Stack Fest Sep 5th - 9th Unknown Barcelona, Spain
BrazilJS Aug 26th - 27th Unknown Porto Alegre, Brazil
JSConf Iceland*/** Aug 25th - 26th Apr 30th Reykjavik, Iceland
Electromagnetic Field Aug 5th - 7th Unknown Guildford, England
DEF CON Aug 4th - 7th May 2nd Las Vegas, NV, USA
CascadiaFest Aug 3rd - 5th Apr 11th Semiahmoo, WA, USA
Node.js Live Boston Aug 24th Unknown Boston, MA, USA
npmCamp* Jul 30th Mar 1st Oakland, CA, USA
NodeSummit* Jul 26nd - 28th Unknown San Francisco, CA, USA
HOPE Conference* Jul 22nd - 24th May 20th New York City, NY, USA
FullStack Jul 13th - 15th Mar 28th London, United Kingdom
NodeConf Brazil Jul 4th - 5th Unknown São Paulo, Brazil
RuhrJS Jul 2nd - 3rd May 31st Bochum, Germany
Node.js Live London Jul 21st Unknown London, England
Dinosaur.js Jun 24th Mar 14th Denver, CO, USA
NodeConf Adventure** Jun 9th - 12th N/A Petaluma, CA, USA
JSCamp*** Jun 7th N/A Bucharest, Romania
NodeConf Oslo*** Jun 4th Mar 13th Oslo, Norway
CampJS VII Jun 3rd – 6th Unknown Sydney, NSW, Australia
ScotlandJS Jun 2nd - 3rd Feb 13th Edinburgh, Scotland
Web Rebels** Jun 2nd - 3rd N/A Oslo, Norway
CSSConf Nordic** Jun 1st Unknown Oslo, Norway
Node.js Live Chicago Jun 22nd Unknown Chicago, IL, USA
EmpireJS May 26th - 27th Feb 21st New York City, NY, USA
AtTheFrontend*** May 24th - 25th Mar 31st Copenhagen, Denmark
Node.js Live Beijing May 21st Unknown Beijing, China
DEVit Web Conference May 20th Unknown Thessaloniki, Greece
OSCON May 18th - 19th Nov 24th Austin, TX, USA
Space City JS May 14th Jan 15th Houston, TX, USA
JSConf Budapest*/** May 12th - 13th Jan 10th Budapest, Hungary
NodeConf London*** May 11th Apr 1st London, United Kingdom
JSConf Brugge*/** May 3rd Unknown Brugge, Belgium
BattleMesh May 1st - 7th Feb 14th Porto, Portugal
SquatConf*** Apr 29th - 30th Unknown Berlin, Germany
JSUnconf Apr 23rd – 24th N/A Hamburg, Germany
JSConf Uruguay* Apr 15th - 16th Dec 21st Montevideo, Uruguay
Node.js Live Paris*** Apr 14th Unknown Paris, France
Easterhegg Mar 25th - 28th N/A Salzburg, Austria
Node.js Live Bangalore Mar 19th Unknown Bangalore, India
Fluent Mar 8th - 10th Feb 22nd San Francisco, CA, USA
Node.js Live Los Angeles Feb 25th Unknown Los Angeles, CA, USA
SINFO*** Feb 22nd - 26th E-mail Lisbon, Portugal
Forward Summit Feb 10th Unknown San Francisco, CA, USA
JSConf Beirut Feb 6th - 7th Unknown Beirut, Lebanon
FOSDEM Jan 30th - 31st Unknown Brussels, Belgium
ArcticJS*** Jan 19th - 21nd N/A Longyearbyen, Svalbard


Conference Dates Proposals Location
CC Congress** Dec 27th - 30th Sep 30th Hamburg, Germany
Node.js Interactive*** Dec 8th - 9th Sep 24th Portland, OR, USA
dotJS Dec 7th Unknown Paris, France
JSConf US Last Call*** Dec 5th - 6th Sep 30th Amelia Island, FL, USA
Codemotion Spain Nov 27th - 28th Jun 30th Madrid, Spain
NodeConf Barcelona Nov 21th Unknown Barcelona, Spain
CampJS VI Nov 20th – 23rd Unknown Springbrook, QLD, Australia
JSConf Asia* Nov 19th - 20th Unknown Singapore
Nodevember** Nov 14th - 15th Aug 15th Nashville, TN, USA
NodeFest Nov 7th Sep 30th Tokyo, Japan
FullStack Oct 26th - 28th Closed London, United Kingdom
Empire Node* Oct 23th Sep 7th New York City, NY, USA
JSConf Columbia* Oct 16th - 17th Jul 31st Medellin, Colombia
NodejsConfIT Oct 10th Unknown Desenzano, Italy
JSConf EU*** Sep 25th – 27th May 31st Berlin, Germany
Reject.JS Sep 24th Jul 19th Berlin, Germany
Nordic.js Sep 10th - 11th Unknown Stockholm, Sweden
NodeConf EU*** Sep 6th - 9th Jul 7th Waterford, Ireland
Full Stack Fest Sep 1st - 5th Unknown Barcelona, Spain
CC Camp** Aug 13th - 17th Unknown Mildenberg, Germany
CascadiaFest Jul 8th - 10th Unknown Blaine, WA, USA
mloc.js Jun 18th - 19th Unknown Budapest, Hungary
NodeConf Adventure** Jun 11th - 14th N/A Petaluma, CA, USA
CampJS V May 22nd - 25th Unknown Melbourne, Australia
NodeConf Oslo ONE-SHOT May 23rd Unknown Oslo, Norway
Web Rebels May 21st - 22nd Unknown Oslo, Norway
DEVit Web Conference May 15th Unknown Thessaloniki, Greece
Fluent Apr 20th - 22nd Unknown San Francisco, CA, USA
NodeConf Christchurch ONE-SHOT Mar 28th - 29th Unknown Christchurch, New Zealand
NodeSummit Feb 10th - 11th Unknown San Francisco, CA, USA
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