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The most simple logger imaginable
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A dead simple logger. Will log to STDOUT or STDERR depending on the chosen log level. It uses, console.warn and console.error and hence supports the same API.

Log levels supported: trace, debug, info, warn, error and fatal.

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npm install console-log-level

Example usage

var log = require('console-log-level')({ level: 'info' })

log.trace('a') // will not do anything
log.debug('b') // will not do anything'c')  // will output 'c\n' on STDOUT
log.warn('d')  // will output 'd\n' on STDERR
log.error('e') // will output 'e\n' on STDERR
log.fatal('f') // will output 'f\n' on STDERR


Configure the logger by passing an options object:

var log = require('console-log-level')({
  prefix: function (level) {
    return new Date().toISOString()
  level: 'info'


A string to specify the log level. Defaults to info.


Specify this option if you want to set a prefix for all log messages. This must be a string or a function that returns a string.

Will get the level of the currently logged message as the first argument.


A boolean to log everything to stderr. Defauls to false.



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