A no fuss, simple Amazon AWS S3 node.js integration
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Node S3

A simple Amazon S3 node.js integration.

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npm install node-s3



First initialize the node-s3 module with a URI to your S3 bucket

var s3Url = 's3://key:secret@your_bucket.s3.amazonaws.com';
var s3 = require('node-s3')(s3Url);

It's important that the key/secret provided have write permissions to the bucket.

Alternatively initialize with an options object:

var options = {
  key: '...',
  secret: '...',
  bucket: '...',
  pathname: '/foo' // optional: prefix all S3 keys with this path
var s3 = require('node-s3')(options);


Example 1: Upload a body

s3.put('/some-s3-key', body, callback);

Example 2: Pipe an incoming http request directly to S3

http.createServer(function (req, res) {
  var headers = {
    'Content-Length': req.headers['content-length']
  var s3Req = s3.put('/some-s3-key', { headers: headers }, callback);


Common for all functions on the s3 object returned from the node-s3 constructor is that they take up to 3 arguemnts:

  • key - The requested S3 key (required). Will be concatinated with the optional pathname given upon initalization
  • body or options - Optional body or options hash
  • callback - Optional callback called with (err, response, body).

In any case, an instance of curly is returned which you among other things can pipe your data to.

Options or body:

The 2nd argument can either be a string, Buffer og an options hash. The first two should be rather self explanatory, and the options hash can be used to provide custom headers as well as a body to the S3 request:

var options = {
  headers: { ... },
  body: '...'


  • s3.head(key, options || body, callback) - Perform a HEAD request
  • s3.get(key, options || body, callback) - Perform a GET request
  • s3.post(key, options || body, callback) - Perform a POST request
  • s3.put(key, options || body, callback) - Perform a PUT request
  • s3.del(key, options || body, callback) - Perform a DELETE request