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Benchmark library for RubyMotion.

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This is benchmark library for RubyMotion. This library provides methods to measure and report the time used to execute your code.


$ [sudo] gem install motion-benchmark


This gem can be used in Rakefile of your RubyMotion project by requiring.

require 'rubygems'
require 'motion-benchmark'

And then, you would write the code to measure, like:

n = 50000 do |x| { for i in 1..n; a = "1"; end } { n.times do   ; a = "1"; end } { 1.upto(n) do ; a = "1"; end }

This library provides the same APIs as standard Ruby. You could see the APIs references at


Run with Release mode

When you run your app on simulator with rake command, its benchmark result might show slow performance because it is not optimized when compiled the app.

You could enable optimization with rake mode=release.

Run on iOS device

You could see benchmark result of your app which is running on iOS device with rake device debug=1 or rake device mode=release debug=1.

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