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Confreaks addon for Kodi/XBMC (Python)
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Confreaks is a great resource for watching Ruby presentations from conferences around the world; XBMC is a powerful media player which you can use to enjoy them from the comfort of you sofa.

Update: As of v14, XBMC is now known as Kodi.


xbmc-confreaks is available in the official XBMC Addons repository. It can be found under Video Addons as described here.



$ sudo pip install virtualenv
$ sudo pip install virtualenvwrapper
$ source /usr/local/bin/
$ mkvirtualenv xbmcswift2
$ pip install xbmcswift2==0.3.0 beautifulsoup
$ workon xbmcswift2

To deactivate:

$ deactivate

Running Tests

$ python -m unittest discover

Or one at a time:

python -m unittest resources.tests.test_addon.IntegrationTests.test_index

Note that the tests are full integration test and run against the live Confreaks site, making it easier to catch breaking changes in the Confreaks markup/content.


  • This addon has been tested with XBMC 12 "Frodo", 13 "Gotham", and Kodi 14 "Helix"
  • Currently the following Confreaks video formats are supported: downloadable files, YouTube, and Vimeo. Please raise an issue if new formats are added and I'll do my best to add support for them.


This plugin uses xbmcswift2, a "A micro framework to enable rapid development of XBMC plugins". Thanks to Jonathan Beluch for this.

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