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dead simple content filtering
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BlackList: dead simple content filtering

This library is just a simple implementation of a blacklist to filter content. It comes with a set of default words for filtering in config/black_list.yml that were obtained from You can add or remove from the list as necessary. It supports two types of filters currently – exact matches and greedy matches. Exact matches will only match if the word is found on its own. Greedy matches will find words nested within other words. It will also work out of the box as a Ruby on Rails plugin. Just drop it in vendor/plugins and it'll work.

Usage is as follows:

BlackList.block?("Stupid ass simple.")    => true
BlackList.block?("Squeaky clean.")        => false
BlackList.block?("Assassins!")            => false

You can also just search for particular sorts of matches:

BlackList.greedy?("Stupid ass simple.")   => false
BlackList.exact?("Stupid ass simple.")    => true

It also supports highlighting flagged words:

BlackList.highlight("Stupid ass simple.") => "<code><p>Stupid <strong>ass</strong> simple.</p></code>"
BlackList.highlight("Squeaky clean.")     => "<code><p>Squeaky clean.</p></code>"
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