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A small Sinatra app for monitoring server memory usage.
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This is a small Sinatra app that's designed to run on a server that you want to monitor memory usage on. You configure a memory threshold and every time the /memcheck page is hit the memory usage on the server is checked. If it exceeds the specified amount, it records the running processes and the memory usage at that time. Subsequent memory checks won't be recorded unless they exceed the last highest memory usage seen. The max seen memory is reset after a configurable number of times.


The following configuration options are available via environment variables:

  • MEMWATCHER_MEMORY_THRESHOLD - The memory threshold to record a process listing if exceeded. Defaults to 50MB.
  • MEMWATCHER_MAX_CHECKS - The number of checks before the max seen memory usage is reset. Dfaults to 6.
  • MEMWATCHER_LOGS_TO_KEEP - The number of log files to keep. Defaults to 25.
  • MEMWATCHER_LOG_DIR - The location to store the logs. Defaults to log/procs.


First, deploy this application like you would any other Sinatra application. Generally, speaking just make sure you pass in RACK_ENV=production to rackup when starting it up and you should be good to go. Make sure you bundle install first.

Once the application is running, you'll want to setup a cronjob that hits the /memcheck URL with whatever frequency you like. From there you can browse to the root address to adjust the memory threshold or view any process listings that have been taken.


Copyright (c) 2012 Joel Watson. See LICENSE for details.

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