Desktop implementation of Steam's mobile authenticator app
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Steam Desktop Authenticator

Steam Desktop Authenticator (SDA)

A desktop implementation of Steam's mobile authenticator app.

Download here

REMEMBER: Always make backups of your maFiles directory! If you lose your encryption key or delete maFiles by accident AND you didn't save your revocation code, you are screwed.

IF you lost your maFiles OR lost your encryption key, go here and click "Remove Authenticator" then enter your revocation code that you wrote down when you first added your account to SDA.

Setting up SDA

- Download and install [.NET Framework 4.5.2]( if you are running Windows 7 or below. - Visit [the releases page]( and download the [latest release]( (Should be named - Extract the files inside the zip anywhere on your computer, (the desktop is a good example). Please remember to keep the files save, as these allow you to login to your account. - Run 'Steam Desktop Authenticator.exe', allow 'vcredist_x86.exe' to run and install, (needed for the trade confirmations browser), and click next to setup your account.

- Login to Steam and follow the instructions to set it up. Please know that you'll need a way of recieving SMS messages. Google Voice offers this for free. - After setting your account up, you'll be asked to enable encryption. While not necessary, it is recommended you both enable encryption and use a different password then the one for Steam.

- For your safety, remember to get [Steam Guard backup codes]( and make a backup of SDA!

Compiling SDA for yourself

- Download & Install the free [Visual Studio Community]( - Download & Install [GitHub Desktop]( - Open GitHub Desktop & sign in with your GitHub account. - Clone the repository by clicking: [GitHub Desktop](github-windows://openRepo/ - Open the .sln file with Visual Studio - Build it (`CTRL + Shift + B`)


  • Download SDA's master branch and download Steam Auth
  • Extract SDA's master brach anywhere. (Like C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\SDA-Master\)
  • Extract Steam Auth into \lib\SteamAuth\ (Like C:\Users\%username%\Desktop\SDA-Master\lib\SteamAuth\)

Troubleshooting SDA

If your problem doesn't appear in the [Wiki](, or none of the solutions worked, submit an issue on the issue tracker. When posting logs in an issue, please upload it to some site like [Pastebin](