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S65-Shield Software Package
  Visit for updates.

  Copy the content of /examples/ and /libraries/ to your 
  Arduino folder: /arduino/examples/ and /arduino/libraries/
  If there are existing folders from a previous installation,
  delete them before copying.

  See docu.htm

Known issues
  If using the Ethernet-Shield together with the S65-Shield, 
  this must be initialized before using the SD-Card.

  For Hardware-SPI support on Mega boards connect the S65-Shield
  as follows:
           Mega   S65-Shield
      SCK   52   ->   13
      MOSI  51   ->   11
      MISO  50   ->   12

  and comment the following lines:
    libraries/S65Display/S65Display.h:23 (#define S65_SOFTWARE_SPI)
    libraries/SDcard/mmc.h.h:56 (#define SD_SOFTWARE_SPI)

Third party software
  ChaN's FatFs

  Rotary Encoder routine by Peter Dannegger


  Infos about the S65-Display

  See license.txt

  Mar 28 2012  v0.23  Arduino 1.0 compatible.
                      S65Display Mega bugfix.
                      Updated FatFS to 0.08b.

  Mar 12 2011  v0.22  Added some special LS020 functions.
                      L2F50 bugfix.

  Jan 24 2011  v0.21  Using digitalWriteFast for
                      pin/port access.

  Jan 08 2011  v0.20  Updated FatFS to 0.08a.
                      Demo2 with LFN support.
                      New fonts.

  Nov 21 2010  v0.19  Bugfix release.

  Oct 24 2010  v0.18  Minor changes.

  Apr 15 2010  v0.17  Problem with Umlauts fixed.

  Apr 09 2010  v0.16  Updated ImageDemo example.

  Apr 01 2010  v0.15  Added BMP header infos.
                      Updated ImageDemo example.

  Mar 14 2010  v0.14  Bugfix in LS020 code.

  Feb 08 2010  v0.13  Added SaveFileDemo example.
                      Some Bugfixes.

  Jan 27 2010  v0.12  Added multi-line string drawing.
                      Added CNF example.

  Dec 22 2009  v0.11  Bugfix Release.

  Dec 17 2009  v0.10  Added new font.

  Nov 19 2009  v0.09  Updated to FatFS 0.07e.
                      Added font size option.
                      Added fillCircle function.

  Aug 19 2009  v0.08  Hardware-SPI support for Arduino Mega,
                      hardware modifications required.
                      Docu updated.

  Jul 28 2009  v0.07  Added drawLine and drawCircle functions.
                      Added ImageDemo example.
                      Thanks to Mirco Schmedicke.

  Jun 27 2009  v0.06  Updated to FatFS 0.07c.
                      Added OpenFileDemo example.

  Jun 02 2009  v0.05  Added option to rotate the display.

  May 04 2009  v0.04  Some improvements.
                      Docu updated.

  Apr 04 2009  v0.03  Added support for Arduino Mega.

  Mar 10 2009  v0.02  Some improvements.
                      Docu updated.

  Feb 15 2009  v0.01  First release.
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