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Bangumi Spider

This is a scrapy based spider used to scrape data from Bangumi 番组计划.

What information it can scrape?

Spider name Purpose Items
user User information retrived via web. uid, name, nickname, joindate
record* User-subject information retrived via web. uid(user id), iid(item id), typ(item type), state(user's favorite state), adddate, rate, tags, comment
subject Subject information retrived via web. subjectid, subjecttype, subjectname, order(same as subjectid except for redirected subjects, for which original id is kept as order), alias(alias of subjectname), staff, relations(subject's relation with other subjects)
user-api User information retrived via API. uid, name, nickname, group
subject-api Subject information retrived via API. subjectid, order, subjectname, subjectname_cn, subjecttype, rank, date, votenum, favnum, staff

* record spider: it would scrape user simultaneously.

How to use the spider?

Prerequisit of this spider is scrapy, so one need to install scrapy first.

To use web spiders locally, one should git clone this repository first then run

scrapy crawl subject -a id_max=100

id_max is a parameter specifying the maximun subject id it should be scraped. Meanwhile there is another parameter naming id_min.

For spiders scraping from APIs, one need to add environmental variable SCRAPY_PROJECT=bgmapi before running. For example, on Linux it should be

SCRAPY_PROJECT=bgmapi scrapy crawl subject-api -a id_max=100

Then you can check the scraped items under main folder.

How to deploy?

One can deploy the spider by scrapyd-client, which provides scrapyd-deploy to help you deploy to scrapyd server. However, the actual deploying process is a little bit more complicated than what is introduced in the documentation on scrapyd-client. As far as I know, it does not support deploying multiple projects, which is quite bizzare.

To deploy bgm and bgmapi properly, one have to execute the following commands:

python bdist_egg
scrapyd-deploy bgm --egg dist/project-1.0-py3.7.egg # The actual egg file generated may have a different name
python bdist_egg
scrapyd-deploy bgmapi --egg dist/project-1.0-py3.7.egg # The actual egg file generated may have a different name

To setup a scrapyd server, one can certainly do that manually. However, we are providing a docker image to help you achieve that goal more quickly. The docker image is has a nginx served as authentication server. To start the docker image, one need to specify the USERNAME and PASSWORD as environment variable.

docker run -d -p 6810:6810 -e USERNAME=username -e PASSWORD=password wattlebird/scrapyd:latest
curl --user username:password http://localhost:6810/schedule.json -d project=bgm -d spider=record -d id_max=100

Then you can visit http://localhost:6810 to watch your jobs.

The source code of that docker image is under the folder scrapyd.

Known issues

Due to sensitive content restriction, spider subject cannot scrape subjects that are marked as R-18.


MIT Licensed.


Scrapy based Bangumi spider




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