An F# application which generates FxCop project files based on Visual Studio solutions.
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A tool written in F# which generates FxCop project files for Visual Studio solutions (optionally based on an existing FxCop project).

Basic syntax

solutioncop.exe -sln:"C:\MySolution\MySolution.sln" -configuration:Debug -platform:AnyCPU

Including and excluding targets

Targets can optionally be included or excluded based on regular expressions using the -include and -exclude switches, e.g.

solutioncop.exe ... -include:".MyCompany."

Multiple include/exclude switches can be used. Any target matching one or more include will be selected, while those that match one or more exclude will be ignored.


The resulting project can be named using the -name switch, e.g.

solutioncop.exe ... -name:Analysis.fxcop


An existing FxCop project can be used as a template by using the -based-on switch, eg..

solutioncop.exe ... -based-on:"C:\Existing.fxcop"

If no existing FxCop is provided then a default template is used which is a slightly less stringent version of the default FxCop ruleset.