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results of covid19 testing in Scotland
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Update 02 Apr 2020 Today the Scottish Government announced that the process for recording deaths had been changed. The data was updated tonight to reflect that.

I have added the number of patients in Intensive Care from news conferences attended by the First Minister or Chief Medical Officer.

I blogged about the need for better open data from the government in Scotland.

This primarily consists of text files (CSV) containing results of Covid-19 testing in Scotland.


This now sits in a /data directory with subdirectory for raw and processed data.

Data Sources

  • The source of data from 06 March to 13 March 2020 is the Internet Wayback Machine.

  • From 14 March 2020 the data is sourced directly from the Scottish Government's webpage, and for now is manually added.

  • A friend supplied me with data from 24 Jan 2020 to 6th March to fill in gaps.

Other data

I've added the Health Board codes from the NHS Scotland Open Data Store and a July 2019 poulation estimate file from NHS Scotland Open Data Store. Both are published under OGL.

Processed data

I've created a Jupyter Notebook, initial_data.ipynb which is used to calculate the 2018 populations of each Health Board, and save that as HB_Populations.csv.

Other resources

I also recommend Tom White's Github repo Covid-19-UK-Data which is broader and more code-driven for now. We may start collaborating / merging these.

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