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Wrong initial color in demo page notification #6

acroca opened this Issue · 3 comments

2 participants


In the demo page I've selected 'jackedup' and the 'Welcome back' demo is initially green if you run it after the list demo.

How to replicate

  • select jackedup
  • click list of items (or any other non-grey item)
  • click the first one
  • the clour of the notification will change from the previous item color to grey color

ahh right because its transitioning from the last class, i'll take a peak

@wavded wavded closed this in 8817213

ok, it will restore the original class after completion now BUT there is always the possibility that the next notification (depending on the theme) may occur before the original class is restored. e.g. for the 'jackedup' theme, if you select the success, wait, and then select the log example, it will be fine, but if you click one after another, there is still a little green that will show, which IMO is ok, maybe even desirable in some cases. Thanks for the report.

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