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Correctly recognize cssPseudo classes for indent
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ftdetect initial commit Mar 14, 2011
ftplugin Enable jump to file on abbreviated @import Sep 13, 2013
syntax use contains=TOP instead of excluding stylusImportList May 21, 2014 Release 0.9.1 May 21, 2014 Revert "Add documentation for filetype to set" Jun 8, 2015
test.styl Add test case with just cssPseudo selector Oct 15, 2015


Syntax highlighting for Stylus.

CSS3/HTML5 bundled in and adapted from css3.vim by Hsiaoming Young


Manual install

Unzip into your .vim directory

Pathogen install

Clone this repo into your .vim/bundle directory. For example:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://


This is based on the excellent work from Tim Pope on sass.vim.

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