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A collection of OSGi services (in limbo) that provide interrogation methods for common database platforms.

What started life as a java alternative to MySQLDump soon evolved into a support library for dbRecorder, a database versioning tool.

Over time I have been slowly adding support for other database platforms and so I decided it was time to wrap up the individual libraries into something more coherent, hence the umbrella project - dbInterrogator.


  • Java 1.6 (or above)
  • Maven 3


Please do! Go on, don't be shy.

  1. Create an Issue that clearly describes:
    • the problem you are trying to solve
    • an outline of your proposed solution
  2. Wait a little while for any feedback
  3. Fork dbInterrogator into your very own GitHub repository
  4. Create a topic branch with a name corresponding to the issue number from step 1 e.g #XXX:
    • $ git clone my-dbinterrogator-repo
    • $ cd my-dbinterrogator-repo
    • $ git checkout -b dbinterrogator-XXX
  5. Commit your changes and include the issue number in your commit message:
    • $ git commit -am "[#XXX] Added something cool"
  6. Push your changes to the branch:
    • $ git push origin dbinterrogator-XXX
  7. Send a Pull Request including the issue number in the subject


Copyright © 2007-2012 Wave2 Limited. All rights reserved. Licensed under BSD License.

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